Thursday, November 26, 2009

Limited Time Offer

I would like to introduce you to a new offer! You are pre-approved!

The Transition Card(tm) is a new card for the trans person on the go! Transitioning is expensive and can build up quite a debt so you might as well get a credit card that works for you. The Transition Card(tm) gives trans people discounts at their favorite surgeons and with their favorite hormones. It will save you an estimated one million dollars a year during your transition.

Some trans people happy because of their Transition Card

A trans girl and her card

  • Accepted everywhere*
  • Offers 10-20% discount with many surgeons, psychiatrists, endocrinologists and more!
  • An average APR of 8.4%**
  • Higher credit limits for your surgeries
  • Usable under both your new and old names!
  • Transition Card Club Rewards Program means you earn 1 point for every dollar spent
Rewards Program:
  • 100 points gets you a binder
  • 200 points for an electrolysis session
  • 500 points for name change paper work
  • 1000 points for a scooter
  • 50000 for top surgery
  • 1000000 points for GRS
  • And much much more!

*Currently accepted nowhere
** Based on credit rating and trans rating

Transphobia in Webcomics

I read a lot of webcomics and only a portion of them are GLBT oriented and an even smaller number have any sort of trans inclusion. Though this post isn't about the need for more trans people represented in webcomics (Would be great though). Its more about the expectancy I have with all of those non-GLBT webcomics and to a lesser extent, the GLB ones. Maybe I am jaded but I always have a sort of expectation that they are going to have some sort of transphobic fail sooner or later. A couple have and I either stopped reading them or decided to put up with it and hope things improved. I don't generally have the same expectancy with with homophobia given the amount of GLB characters and acceptance in many of the webcomics.

Today Multiplex met that expectancy with this webcomic with basically what seems to be a tranny joke. Now I like Multiplex a lot, it feeds my inner movie geek and seems to have much more PoC main characters then any other webcomic I read, so I am less inclined to just drop it and move on. Instead I am trying to engage the creator about the problems with the strip. Fortunately there is a forum and they seem to be an active part of it. Currently I am engaging with them in this thread. Hopefully it could lead to something positive.

Of course webcomic creators have autonomy over their own works and what goes into them. And they most likely get plenty of complaints as it for things often inane like a spelling error for pages they probably spent a decent amount of time working on. But I cannot imagine most of them are looking to contribute to bigotry (though they may argue whether it is or not). Even internet fame means webcomic have the same sort of impact as a book or a movie with bigotry in it though maybe at a smaller scale. There are plenty of webcomics out there so just finding a new one that is less problematic is usually possible but that doesn't really do anything to fix the problem.

So I will rabble rouse until the authors make amends or reveal they are not worth reading anymore and ask others that are interested to contribute with an email if they can. If it does not work out then maybe I can make a list of webcomics to recommend against to go along with the list that I usually recommend.

Edit: In the case of Multiplex the author replied to my complaint. His response seemed more continuation of the privileged responses of others on the forum though.